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Jacob Grey Titanium 1911 Trigger




  • 6AL-4V Titanium
  • Titanium Shoe
  • Titanium stirrup/bow
  • Raw Titanium Finish
  • Smooth Edges
  • Checkered Face
  • One Piece
  • 40% Lighter than Stainless Steel

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Finally!!! A true one-piece 1911 Trigger. The Jacob Grey One Piece 1911 trigger is cut from a single block of 6AL-4V Aerospace grade titanium. No welds, no screws, no pins. When looking for a trigger that has no room for error, you go with one of the hardest metals around, Titanium. No corners were cut in the production of this trigger, and as many 1911-gun enthusiasts know, stock 1911 triggers are not that impressive. Which is why Jacob Grey designed and manufactured a “true” upgrade to what is arguably the most well-known Pistol in the world. Our titanium is cut in one direction, as to not add any unnecessary stress or pressure to the material. As other manufacturers weld or screw the bow to the trigger, allowing for weak points and unnecessary travel, Jacob Grey machines a single block of titanium down to the bow and flat faced trigger format, adding well defined serrated checkering to the face for positive finger contact. The neatly radiused edges prevent any abrasion to the finger or to the firearm. And the end result? A clean, crisp, smooth trigger pull that has zero room for movement or bending commonly found with other materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, or polymer.

The Jacob Grey One Piece 1911 Trigger drops in with minimal fitting. While 6AL-4V Titanium reduces much of the vertical slack common with standard triggers, the additional weight reduction and firmness to the bow allows for a crisp, firm feel to the trigger pull.


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