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JG10 .308 Win Complete Upper Assembly – 16″



The Jacob Grey Firearms Low Profile 16” DPMS style AR-10 “Warthog” Fully Assembled Upper receiver is a perfect match for the Jacob Grey “Warthog” Billet lower receiver. Not only have we designed an upper receiver that is aggressive in styling, but also weighs less than standard AR-10 Upper Receivers. Excess material was removed from every spot possible without sacrificing the structural integrity of the receiver. What’s left is one of the most stylish, well balanced upper receivers on the market today. The matching machined billet aluminum dust cover is a precise fit to the upper receiver. The low profile .750 adjustable gas block allows the “Warthog” Upper Receiver to perform flawlessly and accurately each time. With the assembled upper receiver weighing in at just under 6lbs complete (bcg, ambi-charging handle and billet dust cover included), with the addition of a 16” 1/10 twist .308 CMV Barrel, Jacob Grey Firearms has finally done what has been asked for years from AR-10 manufacturers. A .308 caliber AR-10 upper receiver with the agility and weight reduction to add to your AR-10 lower receiver without compromising any of the features and performance expected from your firearm.

All NFA/ATF Rules Apply
You may use this assembled upper receiver with a lower receiver that is a Registered SBR, Machine Gun, or Pistol. Possession of this upper receiver along with a non-NFA lower receiver is prohibited, except when installed on a Pistol configuration firearm.

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16″ .308 Win 1/10 Twist CMV Barrel
Jacob Grey 15″ Aluminum Handguard
Warthog Upper Receiver Machined from 7075 Billet T6 Aluminum
.308 Low Profile rail height
Ambi-Charging Handle
DMPS/LR barrel nut threading
Jacob Grey Nitride BCG
BLACK Type 3 Mil-Spec Hard Coat anodizing
Black Jacob Grey Billet Dust Cover
Jacob Grey “Cobra” .308 Muzzle Brake 5/8×24 Thread (Black Nitride)
Weight: 5lb 15oz


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