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JG 1911 Beaver Tail Safety Checkered – Bead Blasted




Material: 4140 Tool Steel

Finish: Unfinished/Traditional Blued

Weight: 39g

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A great addition to your 1911, is a drop-in 1911 beavertail safety that needs no modification to your frame. The Jacob Grey 4140 Beavertail Safety eliminates hammer bite and discomfort commonly found in most standard 1911’s. Fits Colt style 1911 Series 70 and 80 1911 Semi-Auto only. Jacob Grey Firearms uses only the finest and highest quality aerospace materials in their production, eliminating any flaws and markings commonly found with lesser quality products. All our 1911 Beavertail Safety’s are 100% machined from billet stock. No castings or forgings are used in any of our billet machined parts. To return your gun to stock condition, simply re-install the factory part. The drop-in safety is designed to work with any standard series 1911. Due to variations from one pistol to the next, slight modifications to the beavertail’s trigger engagement area may be required for proper operation.

Fits Models:

  • Auto Ordnance 1911A1
  • Auto Ordnance Pit Bull
  • Colt 1991A1
  • Colt Government Model
  • Colt Gold Cup
  • Ithaca 1911A1
  • Military Issue 1911A1
  • Norinco 1911
  • Para-Ordnance GI Expert
  • Para-Ordnance P-12
  • Para-Ordnance P-13
  • Para-Ordnance P-14
  • Remington R1
  • Rock Island Armory Full-Size 1911
  • Rock River 1911


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